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North Deska SCOOP Foilboard - 100 White

Performance Foil Board

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What North has to say about the Scoop:

Enjoy a responsive riding experience with the North Scoop. Dedicated performance foiling with a lightweight EPS core.

Your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner.


Board / Free Foil Strap Set (Self-Tapping) / Scoop Foil Board Screw Set

*Foil sold separately*


  • Touchdown recovery - Ultra-scooped nose rocker to prevent nose-diving and lift you back up on the foil immediately
  • Tactile Response - Highly concave deck for stable smooth transitions, responsive steering, and more intuitive foot positioning. The concave deck also acts like a counterbalance, so you don’t feel like you are heeling over as far on the board
  • Track system - Structurally integrated between top and bottom laminate for maximum support
  • Adjustable track system - allows you to precision-tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort.


Recommended Foil: Sonar Hybrid Freeride Edition


–  Uli Sommerlatt, Foil Designer

    "Foiling Uncompromised. Nothing more needed."

-Nick Jacobsen:

   "The Scoop's curved nose and concaved deck makes it super easy to get up and stay up. It's almost impossible to nose dive."

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