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Očala Oakley DOUBLE EDGE - 9380-2566 Raceworn White-Torch Iridium Polarized


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Double Edge™ Raceworn Collection

A sculpture inspired by sharp angles, this double-edged approach to eyewear matches style with performance, and its self-assured look revels in originality while giving you an expanded field of view.

Polarized™ Lenses

Oakley’s proprietary technology designed to filter out 99% of reflected glare without the haze and optical distortion that typically comes with conventionally manufactured polarized lenses.
Torch Iridium Polarized Torch Iridium Polarized
  • Light Transmission: 17%
  • Light Conditions: Bright Light
  • Contrast: Neutral
  • Base Lens Color: GRAY
  • Information notice: 3
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